About Colorado Artifactual

About Colorado Artifactual

Colorado Artifactual Where the Past is Acquired Today

Who is COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL and just what do we do?

We are rare books and antique photographs, historic maps and significant documents, scarce artifacts and — generally, most things COLORADO. But that’s not all.  We’re rediscovery and research, authentication and  conservation,  and, of course placement with collectors and institutions.

Basically, we buy, research, and resell the things that substantiate what we believe tangibly represents COLORADO’s past.

And the objects we provide are historical, cultural, artistic, personal, symbolic — almost anything that evokes a time that has faded from our senses and is now romanticized in our need to acquire. 

Even more scintillating, we offer unique, superb, and wondrous items that can be described with any number of positive adjectives.

So there you have it: COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL, Where the Past is Acquired Today.

If what COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL is inspires you, then search our website.  We will be adding more books, more maps, more photographs, bottles and whiskey jugs, first editions, maybe even an antique radio or two, as time slips by.  Return and be prepared to be impressed — if not astounded.


You may contact us at:


P.O. BOX 3048

CRESTED BUTTE, CO 81224-3048


Or, if you’re really interested:

970 349 7079

P.S.  We do not offer free information or quotes.

Burmese cats are not for sale!