Telluride Colorado Carpenter b

Boudoir card: Telluride, San Miguel County, Colorado, attributed to W. J. Carpenter, circa 1895.















Tones a bit lightened; however, detail in buildings quite clear and concise.  No photographer’s emblem imprinted on boudoir card; however W. J. Carpenter had a studio in Telluride at this time.



Marshall Basin Sheridan Mine b

Boudoir card: Marshall Basin, near Telluride, Colo. from upper workings of Sheridan Mine. San Juan Mountains above timber line, September 1886.
















John Fallon discovered the Sheridan claim in 1875.  It and other mineral locations near or on the Smuggler Vein inspired the organization of the Town of Columbia, which would soon be known as Telluride.  The Sheridan Mine produced, copper, silver, gold, and lead.






Ames street scene b

Cabinet card: attributed to photographer, Joseph Collier, circa 1885.















Hand-written on back of mount:  “James McCann.  Ames, San Miguel County, Colorado.  I had a mine one mile below Ames.”  Exhibited on Page 60 of THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF JOSEPH COLLIER, Colorado: 1871 – 1910.


Ames Smelter b

Cabinet card: Smelter at Ames, San Miguel County, Colorado. Attributed to Joseph Collier, photographer, circa 1885.














The above photographs are in the same format and have the same hand-writing on backs of mounts.  So, it appears rather safe to assume that all four photographs in this group were taken by Joseph Collier.


Ames Smelter 2b

Cabinet card: Smelter at Ames, San Miguel County, Colorado, circa 1885.














The stacked wood outside the Ames smelter was used as fuel for the operation’s furnaces.  Entire mountainsides of trees often disappeared to run such reduction works.



Ames miner's home b

Cabinet card: Miner’s home at Ames, San Miguel County, Colorado. Attributed to Joseph Collier, circa 1885.

















To round out this small group of excellent Ames and Ophir photographs is the typical miner’s.  Basically a box with a pitched roof; yet, suffice to keep the snow and rain off the exhausted miner’s head.

Toll Road above Ophir b

Cabinet card: Toll Road above Ophir, attributed to Joseph Collier, circa 1885.














Price for group of five Ames and Ophir photographs: SOLD







Placerville Colorado Goodman 1887b

Boudoir card: Placerville, Colorado, October 1887. Photographed by Charles Goodman, Montrose, Colorado,















Placerville is located along the San Miguel River, north of Telluride, Colorado.  Chas. Goodman, Photographer, Montrose, Colo.  “Views in the Old Reservation of the Ute Indians and scenes along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  Photograph is in excellent condition.


Placerville Colorado Goodman 1887 back




















Sierra San Miguel WHJ b














Cabinet card: Sierra San Miguel, #3245, by William Henry Jackson.  View exhibits Trout Lake and San Miguel Peak, Colorado.


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