STAN LAUREL, THE SOILERS, Original Movie Poster Morgan Litho 1923







Original 1923

1-sheet movie poster


Set of 8 original lobby cards


STAN LAUREL in THE SOILERS, original 1-sheet movie poster 1923

Designed and Printed by

Morgan Litho Company


A very young Stan Laurel, just over on a boat from Glasgow, Scotland.

Movie poster dimensions:

27 inches by 41 inches

Hal Roach presents "The Soilers," a Pathecomedy, 1923

IT WAS THE mid-1910s AND STAND LAUREL AND CHARLIE CHAPLIN HAD JUST APPEARED IN VAUDEVILLE  COMEDY TOGETHER ON STAGE IN GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.  Both had decided to travel to Hollywood to experiment with the “movies.”  Stan Laurel was soon appearing in Hal Roach comedy shorts.  “The Soilers” was one of first Roach/Laurel productions.  Chaplin began working with Keystone Studios, and would soon co-found United Artists.

Morgan Litho Company

The author, Rex Beach, had novelized his experiences from the Alaskan Gold Rush, publishing his first book, THE PARDNERS, in 1905.  His second book, THE SPOILERS, made him so famous that he influenced a decade of authors, such as Jack London.

THE SPOILERS became a stage play, and afterwards adapted for the movies (1914).  The stage play and movie were also sensations.

Beach and his trail of Western novels were so famous the Alaskan Gold Rush became ripe for satire.  Both Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin made satires of Beach’s novels.  Laurel’s was “The Soiler” and Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush,” (1925).  


Question: who influenced who?  Laurel influenced Chaplin at this time; or, was it Rex Beach and the popularity of his Alaskan Gold Rush tails that influenced Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin, as well as Jack London, and others.


Stan Laurel in "The Soilers," original movie theater lobby card, 1 of a complete set of 8.

Original 1-sheet Stan Laurel – Hal Roach movie poster, “THE SOILERS,” offered exclusively here with a complete set of 8 original lobby cards (1923) for the same movie.

We say, “exclusively,” because we have yet to locate another original example of this Stan Laurel – Hal Roach Pathecomedy 1-sheet movie poster.  And, even more exclusively, a complete of “THE SOILERS,” lobby cards.


Stan Laurel at the front door of his DOUBLE CROSS MINING COMPANY (1923)

Dimensions of each lobby card:

14 inches by 11 inches

General condition of each lobby card: very good plus to near fine; a light amount of waviness and a tad of soiling on edges; otherwise, clean and bright.

Printed in Wyanoak, New York, City, 1923

Original envelope for all 8 lobby cards also included.


Hal Roach presents Stan Laurel in "The Soilers," 1923 Pathecomedy.
Stand Laurel in "The Soilers." (Even a guy in a baggy coat can find true love in Alaska.)

CONDITION OF ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER: bright, clean, fresh, exceptional; previously folded.  Basically, condition is remarkable.


Pathecomedy lobby card, 1923: Stan Laurel in "The Soilers."
Stan Laurel in, "The Soilers," original 1923 theater lobby card.
"The Soilers," Stan Laurel's spoof of Rex Beach's novel, "The Spoilers."
"When the soiler wants the spoils." Stan Laurel in a 1923 Hal Roach Pathecomedy.

We believe you will hard-pressed to find another 1-sheet movie poster of this early Stan Laurel movie.  And then, add the complete set of lobby cards and you’re most likely looking at a near impossiblity of matching this of 1923 Stan Laurel – Hal Roach movie promotionals.

Price for group: $35,000.00


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