SOUVENIR OF NORTH FORK VALLEY Paonia, Delta, Olathe, Crawford, COLORADO circa 1905


Souvenir of the North Fork Valley, Colorado, including Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Maher, Cedaredge, Surface Creek, Eckert, and Cory, circa 1905.



















Printed in The Newspaper Book and Job Rooms, Paonia, Colorado.
























Original illustrated wrappers; missing back wrap.  

Publication dimensions: 12-1/2 inches by 9-1/4 inches.







Town of Paonia, looking northeast.






















Paonia, Descriptive and Historical.  By Mrs. Martha Hammond.  Articles on Paonia businesses and prominent personalities.  Bird’s Eye View of J. A. Rovaart’s Orchard, Paonia.  The Unique Hotel.  Nelson Brothers’ Fruit Company.  Cavanaugh & Grasse’s Saloon.  The Paonia Grocery and Baking Co.  The Independent Lumber Co.   The Paonia Booster, Oliver & Verback, Publishers. etc.





Bird’s Eye View of Weldon Hammond’s Beautiful Ranch Home.


















The Paonia Drug Store.  Hon. C. M. Hammond and the Gunnison Tunnel.  North Fork Fruit Growers’ Association.  The Grande Hotel.  The Paonia Meat Market.  Barney Orth.  J. F. Wakefield.  Paonia Harness & Shoe Shop.  etc.

























Credit for many courtesies and favors were extended to the publisher of this Souvenir Book by C. A. Frederick, J. A. Boston, Dr. J. A. Walker, Weldon Hammond, Mrs. Martha Hammond, Mrs. M. Richardson, Mrs. E. J. Mathews and Mrs. Alice Wannamaker, all of Paonia.






Hotchkiss fifteen years ago.




















Judge William B. Osboldstone.  C. E. Bushhell, M.D.  Hyer & Ward’s Millnery Store.  Milton Spencer.

Enos T. Hotchkiss, First Settler and Founder of the Town of Hotchkiss.  The Town of Hotchkiss.





Street Scene in Crawford.























Hotchkiss Fruit Company.  The Duke, Deutsch, Scott Company.  The Bank of North Fork.  Cory Lumber & Mercantile Co.  Hon. N. M. Hiestand.  The First National Bank of Hotchkiss.  The Hotchkiss Hotel.  The Oasis Saloon.  Hotchkiss City Drug Store.  etc.





Bird’s Eye View of Portion of Land to be Irrigated Grand Ditch.


















The Fruitland Realty and Investment Co.  Harry S. Johnson & Company.  The North Fork Times, editor Luther W. Rood.  Fire Mountain Orchard.  

Crawford, Descriptive and Historical Sketch.  B. N. Crawford & Co.  G. W. Goodwin.  Martin C. Lee.  Samuel B. Hartman.  E. R. Hartman.  The Crawford Blacksmith Shop.  Cattle Industry of Muddy Creek and Smith’s Fork Country by W. L. Savage.  The Maher Country by William Rawson.  J. H. Gainey’s Drug Store.  The Fruitland Land, Water and Live Stock Company, John Gould, President, Maher, Montrose County, Colorado.  Etc.

One listing of an original edition in OCLC, at the Denver Public Library; however, the first printing was in 1905 – 1906 and 1929 as designated in OCLC listing.

Scarce and detailed publication concerned with an area of Colorado rarely covered in promotional publications.  Price: $595.00



Missing back wrapper; however, no significant information missing.















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