Boudoir-card photo: Belle of Titusville Mine, on Kendall Mountain, south of Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado, circa 1885.



















Belle of Titusville Mine, dramatically drilled into the side of a mountain bowl, produced some ore for a short period of time.  The Town of Titusville was established below this mine; however, the lack of continuous ore production led quickly to the demise of both mine and town.

Near fine condition.  No photographer identified.

Price: $395.00












Stereo view: “Near father’s mines, Mineral Point, also near Uncle Ezra McIntyre’s Maud S. Mine, which was will to our boys.” Circa 1880.

Condition: very good; foxing can be seen in upper part of images.

Price: $375.00




BOOTS & CO., circa 1880


Stereo view: “Only store in mountains, half-way between Ouray and Mineral Point,” circa 1880.




“Burro pack train with goods for the store.”

Boots & Co.: Meat Market, Storage, Groceries, Liquors and Cigars.

Excellent tones and contrasts.  No photographer indicated.

Condition: very good plus to near fine; photographer’s solution error in upper right-hand corner of left image; mount corner missing on upper right-hand corner of mount, although photograph paper still present.

Price: $395.00





Stereo view: “Uncle Charles McIntyre’s cabin at Mineral point where Mother got meals for the miners over a fireplace fire.” Circa 1880










Stereo view somewhat lightened; otherwise strong tones and contrasts.  Near fine condition; slight wrinkle in upper portion of the right-hand image.

No photographer indicated.

Price: $350.00







JOHN E. GILBERT, Photographer, Ouray


Cabin, Mineral Point b











Price: $400.00




Cabinet card: Circa 1883.  Many of the most remarkable discoveries were made along the Mastodan vein; however, because of the numerous hyperbolic promotions around extracting the rich mineral from this astounding geological structure, and the resulting grand failures, Mineral Point was less successful than possible.





Eureka Colorado b










Price: $350.00





Cabinet card: Joseph Collier, photographer.  Possibly taken around the same time — 1873 to 1875 — Collier was in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado photographing various emerging mining camps.  The Town of Eureka grow with the development of the Sunnyside Mine.  Other mines in the district included the Gold Prince and the Golden Fleece.




Silverton Panorama, circa 1910 – 1915

Silverton panorama

Silverton, Colorado, circa 1910, hand-tinted original silver gelatin print, in original frame.

Railroad-depot-styled panorama.  Hand-tinted.  Near fine condition.  Several tiny spots of touch-up and one small bit of damage in lower left-hand corner area.  Photograph dimensions: 18.75 inches by 62.75 inches.  Frame dimensions: 2 feet by 6 feet         Price: $20,000.00.

Note from interested Silverton resident: it has been suggested that this may be a panoramic photograph by J. V. Lorenzon, who was a photographer with a Silverton, Colorado studio in anr around 1915 – 1920.  He produced a panorama of Silverton about 1915 that was 64 inches by 20 inches.  Examples of Lorenzon’s Silverton panorama were on exhibit in Boston and San Francisco, as well as in the Denver Mint.  There was also one on display in the Durango Exchange, Durango, Colorado.









Miners' cabin near Silverton Colorado b










Price: $350.00




Cabinet card: Miners’ cabin above Silverton, Colorado.  Photograph by J. A. Boston, Galleries at Durango and Silverton, Colorado, circa 1885.



Miners' cabin near Silverton Colorado 2















Back of mount for J. A. Boston photographic image of miners’ cabin near Silverton.



Animas Canyon Snowslide near Silverton Colorado b





















Price: $375.00




Boudoir card: Cut 60 feet deep made for trains to pass through the snow slide between Silverton and Durango, circa 1885.




Polar Star Mine above Silverton Colorado b










Price: $350.00




Boudoir card: Polar Star Mine, #35, unidentified photographer; East Cascade Basin, 13 miles southwest of Silverton, Animas Mining District, circa 1885.  Fissure vein 50 inches wide, developed by open cut and tunnel.  Silver producer.



Silverton & Kendall Mt WHJ 4219 b












Price: $500.00



Silverton and Kendall Mountain, photograph by William Henry Jackson, #4219.  Image dimensions: 9-1/4 inches by 7 inches; not mounted.

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Boudoir card:  Titusville Mine

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