Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, “Space tells matter how to move and matter tells space how to curve.”  So how then does the photographic emulsion spread over a glass-plate manage to capture a tiny slice of space-time? Is the slice caught in the contours of gravitational waves?  Or does it exist within the chemical bonds of silver nitrate?  Or is it a reflection of the string vibrations?  Whatever the physical actuality, we translate the resulting lightwaves as a fragment of our past, as an image not quite as immediate as ourselves.


Mining camp Gunnison County

Gunnison County, Colorado mining camp, circa 1880.


The web pages in this site are designed to transport you through the curvatures and perturbations of space-time and into Colorado’s past.  There, you will find mirrors of your own interests — slices of space-time, artifacts from Colorado’s early days, you might want to own yourself.  So, click on a web page in a drop-down menu or do a “Search” for whatever you might be looking for; then, let us know.  We can go from there.

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