PITKIN GUNNISON COUNTY COLORADO handwritten ledger 1880 – 1881


Original manuscript ledger of the daily records of the W. P. Babbitt general mercantile in Pitkin, Colorado

1880 – 1881

Original handwritten ledger of the W.P. Babbitt general mercantile, Town of Pitkin, Gunnison County, Colorado, 1880 – 1881.



Groceries, cigars, whiskey, beer, mining items and other provisions

Also, general accounts.








Original decorated gray-cloth covers and binding; 382 pages.  Every page is filled with gold mining camp daily transactions.










“W.P.B. Blotter, No. 1” = W. P. Babbitt.

Listed in Colorado State Business Directory, Page 244.










Dimensions: 8-1/4 inches by 12-1/2 inches by 1 inch.








Numerous references to business transactions with entities in Pitkin, Ohio City, Gunnison, Alpine, Buena Vista, Colorado, etc.

References to Bank of Pitkin, Pitkin Independent newspaper, Dr. H. Vance of Pitkin, Samuel B. Harvey of Gunnison, Tomichi and Quartzville Toll Road, etc.






Intriguing, detailed view of daily life in a Colorado gold mining camp from the perspective of a general mercantile owner.

ANOTHER HISTORICAL REDISCOVERY BY MT. GOTHIC TOMES & RELIQUARY and COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL, where we endeavor to build museum-quality collections.


Price: $2,000.00








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