Silver pass #116, issued to Amos Steck, past Denver mayor

OTTO MEARS, ever innovational, was always imaginative with his promotions.  This “Watch-Fob” silver pass was certainly a “new and daring” look for its time.


Approximately 1.2 inches in width and 1.5 inches in height, it was issued with a ring (at top) to attach to a watch chain or other vest accessory.


Complimentary silver pass, for the Silverton Railroad, Until December 31, 1890. Pass #116. Otto Mears, President.

Yes, this is Mayor Amos Steck, the third person to serve in that honorable position.  His time in office: 1863 – 1864.  Guess after that, it was someone else’s turn.  But Amos remained a good and influential friend of Otto Mears.  And thus, the complimentary pass.


Rainbow Route FOB silver pass #116 condition: very good plus to near fine.  Mountain and railroad detail is fine.  Engraving on back of pass is also fine.  What makes this pass a little less than fine overall is the slight wear to the blue enamel.  It is slight; however, it is there.

This pass is available for purchase.

PRICE: 8,000.00


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