Apache Indians 15 Desmond Trinidad Colo 2

Apache Native Americans. Boudoir card-sized photograph by D. C. Desmond, Trinidad, Colorado, circa 1895.














Price: $875.00




Curr-ni-Patch Ignacio Colo Southern Ute Agency Durango 2

Photograph of Curr-ni-patch, from the Southern Ute Agency, near Ignacio, Colorado; taken by J. A. Boston, Durango, Colorado, circa 1890.




















Price: $395.00








Ute Indian Girl from Pojuaque Chase 83 Santa NM 2

Native Ute Indian Girl from Pojuaque; boudoir card-sized photograph taken by D. B. Chase, Santa Fe, New Mexico, No. 83. Circa 1890.























Price: $400.00






Coyetera Apaches 2064 Clinton Colo Springs 2

Coyetera Apaches. Boudoir card-sized photograph. J. L. Clinton, photographer. Commissioned by the Colorado Midland Railway. Colorado Springs, Colorado, circa 1890. Image #2064.























Price: $395.00








Niemies & Squaw, Ute Indians F S Balster 319 b

Majestic looking Ute Indian, Niemies, and his Squaw. Boudoir-sized photograph taken by F. S. Balster, Durango, Colorado. Balster was an “Optician” (photographer) located near the Ignacio Agency. Circa 1895. FSB #319.
























Price: $650.00





Apache baby 412 Schuster Glenwood CO 2

“Apache Baby,” boudoir-sized photograph taken by J. L. Clinton for the Colorado Midland Railway; although, on border of photograph are the initials of the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, No. 412. On back, Glenwood Springs dealer, E. Schuster has covered Clinton’s emblem with his, for his store selling Indian & Mexican Curiosities. Circa 1895.
























Price: $400.00







Ute Indian & Wives 1891 b

Chief Se-go-witts, or “Sagwitch the Orator,” 1822 – 1887. Se-go-witts was born a Ute, but later in life converted to Mormonism. He and his tribe helped build the Tarbernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1891. No photographer identified.






























Utes on Ignacio Southern Indian Agency Wilder Durango 2

Ute gathering at Ignacio, near the Southern Indian Agency, circa 1890. Photograph by Edwin A. Wilder, Durango, Colorado.















Price: $300.00






Trading with Indians Glew photo Wyman dealer 2

“Trading with the Indians,” photograph by Eugene E. Glew, circa 1900, Colorado Springs; distributed by H. W. Wyman. Note: slight crease in photographic image on left-hand side.














Price: $225.00






Mummified Indian Maiden H H Tammen Denver 2

“The Mummified Indian Maiden,” put on display in Denver by H. H. Tammen in 1884. This Indian Squaw was purportedly found in a cave on the early Ute Reservation (Los Pinos) which became Delta County, Colorado. Miners discovered this Native American woman twenty feet down, wrapped with relics in a large elk hide. It is believed decades after this display was staged this Native American was honorably buried again in southern Colorado.























Price: $1,500.00





Old San Miguel Church 2

“Old San Miguel Church,” built in 1583, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph by Christian G. Kaadt, circa 1900.















Price: $275.00





Pueblo of Isleta Lummis NM 2

“Pueblo of Isleta, A. & P. Junction,” Chas. F. Lummis, publisher, circa 1895. Boudoir-sized card. New Mexico Territory.














Price: $400.00







Ute Couple R Collier

Ute Bride and Groom; cabinet-card photograph by R. B. Collier (son of Joseph Collier), studio located at 415-1/2 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado, circa 1880.























Price: $450.00

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