Wahn an cy Kirkland Bros CDV Denver CO 2

Wahn-an-Cy, carte de vise format, photographed by the Kirkland Bros. Studio, in Denver, 377 Larimer Street, Denver City, Colorado Territory.

















Price: $600.00








Wakeak White Dove Daughter Little Raven Chamberlin CDV CO 2

Wake-ah — White Dove — daughter of Little Raven; carte de vise photograph by William G. Chamberlain. Circa 1870.

















Price: $500.00








Arapahoes Colorado Chamberlin CDV 2

Identified as an Arapahoe family; CDV image taken by William G. Chamberlain, Denver, Colorado, circa early 1870s.

















Price: $325.00








Carrie & Charlie Spotted Tail & Big Horns Utes Reed & McKenney CDV Denver CO 2

Ute braves, photographed by Reed & McKenney, Larimer Street, Denver, and Main Street, Central City, Colorado Territory, circa 1872.



















Price: $650.00








Native American woman Chamberlin CDV CO 2

Ute Native American: carte de vise photograph by William G. Chamberlain, Graham’s Block, Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado Territory, circa 1870.

Price: $325.00





Group Utes & Squaw Chamberlain CDV Denver CO 2

Group of Colorado Native American Utes and Squaw; CDV photograph taken by W. G. Chamberlain, Denver, Larimer Street, circa 1870.



















Price: $500.00











Ute Paposse Chamberlain CDV Denver 2

Unidentified “Ute papoose,” as hand-written on back by William G. Chamberlain, photographer, studio at Corner of Larimer & Fifteenth streets, circa 1870.





















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