MESA COUNTY, COLORADO old photographs


UINTAH RAILWAY – Set of 13 original photographs, circa 1905


Uintah Railway 6b

Gelatin silver photograph: Engine 10 of the Uintah Railway.


















Uintah Railway 1b

Gelatin silver photograph of Uintah Railway, one of thirteen: two with manila-colored mount; eleven black-colored mount.



















Uintah Railway 2b

Engine 21 of the Uintah Railway, put into service in 1905, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Company.




















Uintah Railway 4b

Gelatin silver photograph of Gilsonite mining works, Black Dragon Mine, Utah.



















Uintah Railway 5b

Besides working to transport ore from the gilsonite mines, the Uintah Railway as served as a passenger and tourist line.




















Uintah Railway 7b

The Uintah Railway serving as a tourist train.



















Uintah Railway 10b

The Uintah Railway transporting gilsonite ore.



















Uintah Railway 11b

Gelatin silver photograph: the Uintah Railway driving through snow.



















Uintah Railway 12b

Uintah Railway, 1905.



















Uintah Railway Atchee 3b

Gelatin silver photograph of Atchee on the Uintah Railway, a key site in the production of gilsonite.



















Uintah Railway Excavation Canon 9b

Evacuation Canon, Uintah Railway Stage Line, Dragon Tovernal. At this point, freight, as well as passengers, were staged to the Black Dragon Mine, Utah.



















Uintah Railway Mack 8b

Gelatin silver photograph: Uintah Depot at Mack, Colorado, circa 1905.



















Uintah Railway 13b

Two engines pulling gilsonite ore on the Uintah Railway.



















UINTAH RAILWAY set of original gelatin silver photographs, circa 1905.

Photographer unidentified.
This set includes 13 different photographs: 11 on similar black mounts; 2 on similar manilla-colored mounts.
Each photograph has similar dimensions: 6-3/4 inches by 4-3/4 inches
Each mount shares similar dimensions: 8-7/8 inches by 6-7/8 inches.
Condition of photographs: near fine to fine.  The majority exhibit strong contrasts and tones, lending to fine clarity.  Two photographs exhibit slightly muddled clarity.
Mounts are in near fine to fine condition.
The railway was initially constructed to transport Gilsonite; however, it also served as a public and commercial carrier.
This narrow gauge (3-foot wide rails) was built in 1904 and remained in operation until 1939.  
Engine 10 is exhibited in one of the photographs.  This engine was a 2-8-0, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Company.  It was placed in operation on the Uintah Railway in 1904.
Engine 21 is exhibited in one of the photographs.  This engine was 0-6-2 tank locomotive, also built by the Baldwin Locomotive Company and set into operation in 1905.
The Gilson Asphaltum Company had the Uintah Railway constructed to the serve the Company’s mining and manufacturing operations, as well as delivery points in northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah.
Photographs include view of Atchee, Colorado; Dragon, Evacuation Creek, Utah; and the Mack, Colorado Depot among the many railway scenes.  Excellent view of the mining operations at the Black Dragon Mine, just west of the Utah border.
Uintah Railway connected with the Denver & Rio Grande Railway at Mack, Colorado.



Price: $3,500.00












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