Monarch Mining District, Colorado

MAYSVILLE (also known as Crazy Camp or Marysville), Chaffee County, Colorado, at the base of Monarch Pass.


Original stereopticon views by Frank Kuykendall and W. H. Whitney.


Stereo view: Maysville, Monarch Mining District, Chaffee County, Colorado, Kuykendall, #802.












Price: $500.00



Maysville was located six miles west of Poncha Springs and 229 miles from Denver, Colorado. It was located on the confluence of the North Fork and South Arkansas rivers. The town was the starting point of the Monarch Pass Toll Road, which progressed through Arbourville, Garfield and Chaffee, then over Monarch and into the Tomichi District of Gunnison County.




Stereo view #384 by Kukendall & Whitney, Photographic views, over Degen Bo.s Store, Maysville, Colo., circa 1880.







Maysville was founded by a rancher named Amasa Feathers in the mid-1870s as a cattle ranch to feed the miners of the Monarch Mining District, Chaffee County, Colorado. After a mill was built in the “park” to process ores from the Monarch District, cattle ranching became a minor concern. Soon, a lumberyard, stores, hotels, and a bank were established. The local newspapers were The Maysville Chronicle and The South Arkansas Miner. The Maysville Chronicle was published by H. B. Neal and C. M. Daley. The South Arkansas Miner, published by E. D. Lunt and J. S. Painter, issued its first paper in May 1880 and devoted its pages to the mining interests of the Monarch and Tomichi districts.  Price: $425.00



Kukendall #992, Maysville, Colorado.




Monarch Mine was located on Monarch Mountain on the South Fork of the Arkansas River, about 7 miles above Maysville; owned by The Great Monarch Mining Company. Other mines near the Monarch were the Little Charm, Silent Friend, Madonna and Cherubim. Ore was generally galena, lead and sand carbonates. There were also the Eclipse, Columbus, Paymaster, Fairplay, Charm, Lexington, Ben Bolt, Oshkosh, and Elkington. The Columbus, located a mile above the Town of Columbus, on the Middle Fork of the South Arkansas, a mile and half above Garfield, had less ore but of higher grade than the Monarch. The Monarch and the Columbus were two of the largest producers in the Monarch Mining District.  Price: $750.00





Frank Kuykendall, Photographer, #447, Fine Portraits and Views, over Degen Bro’s Store, Maysville, Colorado, circa 1880.





Maysville was also the junction of three toll roads: the Monarch Pass; the Shavano; and, the Altman (to Hancock).  Price: $450.00






Frank Kukendall, photographer, #540.




Two smelters were built near Maysville and they kept generally active through the late 1870s and into the early 1880s. July 1880 saw a fire in the center of Maysville that consumed five business buildings; however, the rest of the town was saved by the local hose and ladder.  Price: $650.00











Dry Goods store, Maysville, Chaffee County, Monarch Mining District, Colorado. Photograph by Frank Kuykendall, circa 1881.



Emerson Camp was six miles northwest of Maysville. The mines from this area shared similar geology to that of the Monarch, so the ores from the Eagle Bird, Rainbow, Song Bird, High Point and others were also freighted to Maysville.  Price: $750.00








Stere0 view: Miners Supply Co., view at Shavano above Maysville, Monarch Mining District, Chaffee County, Colorado. Kuykendall & Whitney #313.












Maysville was a frenetic mining town until the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. And until then, the town was known for its smelters, saloons, murders, and hangings.   Price: $700.00





Kuykendall & Whitney, Photographic Views, #335: Billins Mine & buildings, showing pass over Continental Divide to Hancock. Scene 12 miles above Maysville, Colorado. Circa 1880.

Price: $575.00









Kuykendall Image #326, Billings Mine: Cornish Band Boys. Basin of North Fork above Maysville, Colo. Circa 1881.













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Kuykendall & Whitney #830.  Above Maysville, Colorado.

Price: $300.00



Kuykendall & Smith photograph: Sunday scene at Shavano, Colorado.













Price: $475.00






Frank Kuykendall image #314: canon above Maysville, Colorado, circa 1881.













Price: $395.00






Frank Kuykendall Image #364: gold placer operations near Maysville, and above Salida, Colorado. Circa 1881.













Price: $695.00





Original stereopticon views by Frank Kuykendall and W. H. Whitney.
























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