It’s a treasure trove of Colorado and Western history.

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Ore Sorting Elkton Mine Masters 2

(Though mostly Colorado.)

  Here at COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL we’re always sorting through a variety of Western American artifacts; researching, studying and defining the high-grade.

So, in a sense, COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL is a mining company, digging deep into the mineralized veins and fissures of Colorado’s intriguing past.  We do this to assure you that we always have an excellent choice of historical items to add to your expanding collection.

COLORADO ARTIFACTUAL’s extensive inventory encompasses early — and scarce — Colorado books, promotional publications, maps, photographs, lithographs, and various other artifacts.  All of which are available now for acquisition.  Just select a historic personality, town, mining district, county or region, then set off on your search engine and mule, through the links and vaults to our historical materials.  Just imagine a time, long long ago, when you’d’ve liked to have been in Cripple Creek or Leadville, Silverton or Ouray, Telluride, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Ft. Collins, Boulder, Denver, Walsenburg, Trinidad — or any other part of the State — and sort through the items related to railroads and mining, ranching and farming, architecture, landscapes, politics, mercantiles, saloons — we blanket the gamut … Native Americans, women of merit, silver and gold magnates, lawmen and outlaws, prospectors and cowboys, photographers and mining engineers, geologists and railroad barons … okay, basically we’re interested in all sorts of Colorado characters and personalities, places and events.

So, if you spot something that encourages you to alter your spending habits, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We accept Paypal and personal checks.  We’re working on more e-commerce options, but haven’t, as yet, accomplished that.

 So, in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d like to hear from you, whether you’re interested in buying or selling.




Saguaro cactus 40 feet Dennis 2

Boudoir card: “Saguaro cactus: 40 feet high.” Colorado Views on the Denver & Rio Grande Railway. Reading Room Gallery, (one door west post-office), Canon City, Colorado. A. W. Dennis, photographer. No. ___. [Although, more an Arizona cactus than a Colorado one.]


If the terms in this website or the whole genre of antique photography has you wondering, “what the ….?”  Then, either ask us questions and/or visit the following web page: ANTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY – TECHNICAL DETAILS.  No; there won’t be a test afterwards.


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