Gothic Colorado 1881 Dennis 3

Town of Gothic, beneath Gothic Mountain, in Gunnison County, Colorado, circa 1882. Photograph taken by A. W. Dennis, with a studio in Canon City, Colorado. Commissioned by the Denver & Rio Grande Railway.







Building in Gothic Colorado 1881 c

“At Gothic City,” photographed by Denver photographer, F. D. Storm, 1882. Home located on the Town of Gothic’s main street.




















Gunnison Pool Co in Gothic Colorado 1881 c

“Gunnison Pool Company Office,” located in the mining camp of Gothic, Colorado, photographed by F. D. Storm, 1882. A “pool company” was a type of early “mutual fund,” wherein small investors “pooled” their resources to work a mining prospect.















Promontory Peake near Irwin Mellen 2

Stereo view: “Mellen’s Views of the Great Gunnison Country. Mining Camps. Promontory Peake, Gothic. Gunnison, Colo. No. ____” Circa 1880.















Gothic looking toward Lone Mt 2

Stereo view: “Gothic City,” Colorado Views, photographed and published by F. D. Storm, Denver, Colorado, circa 1881. Looking down main street toward Lone Mountain (Mt. Crested Butte).















Gothic looking toward Bellevue Mt Mellen 2

Stereo view: “Gothic from the southeast,” looking toward Mt. Bellevue and Schofield Pass. Geo. E. Mellen, Landscape Photographer of the Gunnison, San Juan & Ute Countries, Mining Camps. No. ___, Gunnison, Colorado. Circa 1881.















Gothic Cascade up Copper Creek Mellen 9 b

Stereo view: “Gothic Cascade, 1/2-mile up Copper Creek,” today known as Judd Falls. Mellen’s Views of the Great Gunnison Country. Mining Camps. No. 9. Circa 1880.
















Snowbridge Rock Creek 2

Stereo view: “Rock Creek Snowbridge. No. 26. Length: 500 feet. Span: 150 feet. Height above water: 20 feet. Depth of snow: 30 feet. Temperature beneath snowbridge, in midday: 35 degrees Farenheit.” Mellen’s Views of the Great Gunnison Country, Mining Camps. Circa 1880.














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