GEORGETOWN COLORADO hand-blown hutchinson soda bottle

FLYER & LYNCH, Georgetown, Colorado (S179)


Georgetown, Clear Creek County, Colorado’s only hutchinson soda bottle.

























Dated 1891 – 1892.  Not a long time to be in business for a soda bottling company.



Fluted base. “24” mark on bottom. The only known color for this bottle: aqua.

























Flyer & Lynch ordered an unknown quantity of this styled hutchinson soda bottle from a manufacturer to bottle and sell soda to the residents of Georgetown, Colorado during its silver mining era.  Since so few of these bottles have “surfaced” over the decades, Flyer & Lynch most likely didn’t order more than several dozen.




Bottom of fluted base displays “24,” the model number in the manufacturer’s catalogue.




















What’s missing from this bottle is the original metal plunger the opened and sealed it.  This plunger was made of wire, lead, and rubber.  It was pulled up to seal it and pushed down to open it.  These plungers were considered unhygienic and were part of the reason the manufacture of hutchinson soda bottles was curtailed around 1910.





This particular bottle appears to have been taken out of circulation because of the light “flash” (barely visible) in the applied wiped top. This “flash” in the glass was viewed as a flaw or weakness and could see the bottle break under pressure.

























This bottle has the following dimensions: 6-7/8 inches in height with a base 2-3/8 inches in diameter.  It is in relatively very good condition, exhibiting some case-wear and dings from shipment and use.  These bottles were meant to be reused and advertised the seller’s establishment not only for recognition but for reuse.  Another reason why the hutchinson soda bottle was discontinued from use was because the bottles returned to the seller weren’t always cleaned as well as they should’ve been.  Imagine that.




Case-wear evident on bottle; however, examples of this fluted hutchinson with the Flyer & Lynch slug-plate are scarce and highly sought after.





















Only Georgetown, Colorado soda distributor using the hutchinson bottle: Flyer & Lynch, 1891 – 1892.





Very good plus example of this scarce Colorado hutchinson soda bottle. No chips, certainly light dings and case-wear, and a glass “flash” in the applied blob-top.


Interested in acquiring this Georgetown, Colorado hutchinson soda bottle for your collection?  Well, then, don’t hesitate.

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