A. JAMES HARLAN, continued

The Vindicator Consolidated Gold Mining Company’s No. Shaft & Surface Workings, A. J. Harlan Photo., Cripple Creek [District], circa 1900.

Vindicator Cons Harlan Co Sprgs 2













Town of Independence interwoven with the mine workings of the Vindicator, Lillie, Hull City and Golden Cycle mines.  At this time, A. James Harlan operated a photographic studio on Bennett Avenue in the City of Cripple Creek.  Population of Independence estimated at 1,000.  Montgomery — named after W. S. Montgomery, president of Company and Colorado Springs attorney — was the main street.  Businesses such as Palace Meat Market, Zell & Boach Assayers, James Beck Blacksmith, Commercial Hotel, Drach & Fay Saloon, and others.


Elkton Cons Harlan Co Sprgs 2

















The Elkton Consolidated Gold Mine, A. J. Harlan Photo, Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado.   Businesses and homes of the Town of Elkton surround mine and its workings on Raven Hill.

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