Barry Colo under Snow Oct 1892 Harlan 1

Barry, Colo.  Under Snow Oct. 12, 92.  No. 214.  Depth 40 inches.




A. James Harlan moved to the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District not long after it had been founded in April 1891.  He opened his first photographic studio in the Town of Barry, a settlement in Squaw Gulch, surrounded by Gold, Raven and Beacon hills, among some of the earliest producing mines.



This boudoir-sized photograph is entitled,   Back of mount has the imprint, “A. J. Harlan, Photographer.  Barry, Colo.”

Barry Colo and Snowy Range from Gold Hill Nov 1892 Harlan 2

Barry, Colo. and Snowy Range from Gold Hill, Nov. 5, 92. No. 215.

Both of the above photographic images were mounted on boudoir-sized cards (8 inches by 5 inches).    Both exhibit excellent tones and contrasts, and therefore sport fine detail.

Barry was one of the early satellite settlements, along with other villages (Lawrence, Mound City, Arequa, Cripple City, Midland, Hull’s Camp), to develop outside the Fremont – Town of Cripple Creek area.  Barry was located northeast of Mound City, a crossroads of ore reduction and refining mills, established in 1891.  According to Leslie and Hazel Spell, pioneers of the Cripple Creek District, the Town of Barry was formed by Bill and Vint Barry.  All of Squaw Gulch appeared to have a prosperous future, and that, perhaps, was why A. James Harlan decided to open his studio there.  Harlan documented the growth and decline of the Cripple Creek District for over twenty years, the only Colorado photographer to do so.

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