Frank Germon whiskey jug, from Leadville, Colorado.


A rather rare Leadville whiskey jug, made for a saloon located at 146 W. Chestnut.






You can see where someone or something struck this superb artifact.  Why?  Just why would anyone want to do such an horrendous act?  Beyond my comprehension.  Whatever it was this is the only damage to this excellent specimen.




Dizzying!  As well as remarkable.


Dimensions on this Leadville artifact: 12-1/2 inches from base to top of spout; 9-1/2 inches in diameter.  That’s a lot of whiskey.


See: no bottom cracks.


Frank Germon was in business in Leadville from 1894 through 1907.



Some rust schmutz on the handle, but that can be cleaned.





















This is one impressive example of an historic Leadville, Colorado artifact.  Truly.





Yes, excellent.


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