Poncha Springs Hotel 2

Boudoir-card: strong contrasts and excellent albumen tones, lending to fine clarity. Circa 1890.















PONCHA SPRINGS HOTEL, near the Town of Poncha Springs, in Chaffee County, Colorado.  Circa 1890.  Original boudoir-card-sized photograph on original mount.  Strong tones and contrasts, lending to excellent clarity.  Photograph condition: fine.  Mount condition: near fine.  Possibly a C. W. Erdlen photograph; however, photographer not identified.


Price: $450.00









Salida hotel DB Chase 1880 b

Boudoir card: 6-horse stagecoack in front of Ayres Hotel, Salida, Colorado, 1880.
















Ayres Hotel and Meyer & Dale Wholesale & Retail Groceries, Salida, Colorado, 1880.  Photograph taken by D. B. Chase, gallery in Trinidad, Colorado, “Pictures of Buros, Sheep, Cattle, Round Ups, Branding, Mountains, Dale and Valley.”


Price: $650.00






IOOF at Salida, Colo 1894 b

Boudoir-card: I.O.O. F. at Salida, Colo., October 14, 1894, No. 4. C. W. Erdlen photograph, Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado. Original mount. Near excellent tones, details, contrasts and condition.















Price: $495.00








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