Photograph: 8 inches by 10 inches; Royal Tiger Mines, August 1923.


This photograph is part of a small group of Royal Tiger Mines historical materials, including a panoramic photograph of the mining properties and a prospectus.


OTTO WESTERMAN, Photographer


Wire Patch Mill & Tramway, Westerman 1b 

Boudoir card: Wire Patch Mill and Tramway, south slope of Farncomb Hill, four miles east of the Town of Breckenridge, circa 1886

Price: $550.00

This mine began as a placer operation; however, after a tunnel was driven into Farncomb Hill under the Company’s surface claims, the main workings went underground.

Wire Patch Mine & Mill, Westerman 2b

Boudoir card: Wire Patch Mine & Mill, Farncomb Hill, Breckenridge Mining District, Summit County, Colorado, near Lincoln City, circa 1886.

Price: $600.00

The Wire Patch Mining Company owned the following mining claims: Frederick the Great, Emperor, Queen of the Forest, Elephant, and others.  In 1882, an underground gold ore body was discovered within the Elephant claim.  $75,000 (about 3750 troy ounces) was recovered in the first four years.  In 1888, The Wire Patch Gold Mining & Milling Company opened the Huntington Mill which used an improved gold ore reduction method. 


[Oro Mine Westerman b

Boudoir card: Oro Mine, sold for $50,000.00.

Price: $550.00


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