BIG FIVE MINING COMPANY DENVER COLORADO Offices promotional prospectus 1902





General Offices, 1824 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado in the Western Newspaper Union Building.




























The Big Five Federation: Promotion, Operating, Development.  “The World is our field, our opportunities boundless.”





The Plan or Basis of the Federation (1902).  The term, Big Five is a general term including the members and the corporations.  The Big Five plan has been carefully studied and thoroughly worked out.  It accomplishes a high form of co-operation.  It effects the safety and insurance of “general averages.”  It combines the dollars of the many into the force and strength of large capital.




The Big Five promoted in this publication its plan of “General Averages,” similar to that of insurance companies.  The nine operating companies under the Big Five banner were organized to drive and maintain mining tunnels, transport ore, build mills and treat ore.

























The Big Five was also organized to pursue new opportunities, explore mining district for “bonanza” properties and promote the mining properties of the nine companies involved in the Big Five.





Press of The World Printing Co., Denver, Colorado.  Photographs by L. De V, Regnier, Scenic Photographer, Denver, Colorado.  Circa 1902.

Publication dimensions: 9-1/2 inches by 12 inches.

48 pages, illustrated.

This prospectus is exceptional in the perspective that it focuses more on the organization and operation of the Big Five Company than the actual mining developments.  Prospectus highlights: The Plan or Basis of the Federation; The Men Behind It All; Big Five Company Opportunities; Looking through the Office; etc.

Very good plus condition.

No listings in OCLC or Wynar.


PRICE: $500.00





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