Original pencil-drawn artwork. 


SHORT DAY, LONG SHADOW by John Hayes, 2015.




Frame dimensions: 33-1/2 inches by 38-1/2 inches.



Original pencil drawing detail by John Hayes.




Pencil drawings of the Madonna Mine on Monarch Pass, in the old Monarch Mining District, Chaffee County, Colorado, 2015.




Short Day, Long Shadow by John B. Hayes, 2015, closeup.





Detail of SHORT DAY, LONG SHADOW, by John B. Hayes, 2015.














Original pencil drawing dimensions: 25 inches by 30 inches.













“Local Colorado mining historian, George Moore, often used to draw my attention to the importance of mining by reminding me that our consumer products all come from material we either grew or mined.  Colorado has been profoundly shaped by its mining history.  And although we continue to mine in Colorado, the late 19th and early 20th century heyday has long since passed.  The boom period, comparatively, represented a short day.  But in terms of the way mining has shaped Colorado’s culture and personality it casts a long shadow.”  Words of artist, John B. Hayes.

“George also often remarked that whatever one might think about mining, the old structures make wonderful ruins.”

“The Madonna Mill of Highway 50 just east of Monarch Pass is one such magnificent ruin.  I’ve passed that mill going to or from Denver countless times, always telling myself I’d draw it.  And there was always no question I’d try to recapture the fleeting light of a certain midweek, midwinter later afternoon.  Stillness was complete that day, and the rugged mountainside was covered in the bridal white of fresh snow.  In that short day sun, the gothic verticality of the mill cast a dramatic shadow like an angel’s wing.  The four-story structure with its exposed timber and iron ribbing against brilliant white read down the page like Chinese calligraphy.”

“Though I’ve passed the Madonna Mill many times since, I have never seen the ephemeral conditions and dynamic light of that one afternoon perfectly reproduced again.  But I have wished it.”  John B. Hayes, 2015.


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