Apache Indians 15 Desmond Trinidad Colo 2

Apache Native Americans. Boudoir card-sized photograph by D. C. Desmond, Trinidad, Colorado, circa 1895.














Price: $600.00




Curr-ni-Patch Ignacio Colo Southern Ute Agency Durango 2

Photograph of Curr-ni-patch, from the Southern Ute Agency, near Ignacio, Colorado; taken by J. A. Boston, Durango, Colorado, circa 1890.




















Price: $375.00








Ute Indian Girl from Pojuaque Chase 83 Santa NM 2

Native Ute Indian Girl from Pojuaque; boudoir card-sized photograph taken by D. B. Chase, Santa Fe, New Mexico, No. 83. Circa 1890.























Price: $400.00






Coyetera Apaches 2064 Clinton Colo Springs 2

Coyetera Apaches. Boudoir card-sized photograph. J. L. Clinton, photographer. Commissioned by the Colorado Midland Railway. Colorado Springs, Colorado, circa 1890. Image #2064.























Price: $325.00








Niemies & Squaw, Ute Indians F S Balster 319 b

Majestic looking Ute Indian, Niemies, and his Squaw. Boudoir-sized photograph taken by F. S. Balster, Durango, Colorado. Balster was an “Optician” (photographer) located near the Ignacio Agency. Circa 1895. FSB #319.
























Price: $400.00





Apache baby 412 Schuster Glenwood CO 2

“Apache Baby,” boudoir-sized photograph taken by J. L. Clinton for the Colorado Midland Railway; although, on border of photograph are the initials of the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, No. 412. On back, Glenwood Springs dealer, E. Schuster has covered Clinton’s emblem with his, for his store selling Indian & Mexican Curiosities. Circa 1895.
























Price: $325.00







Ute Indian & Wives 1891 b

Chief Se-go-witts, or “Sagwitch the Orator,” 1822 – 1887. Se-go-witts was born a Ute, but later in life converted to Mormonism. He and his tribe helped build the Tarbernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1891. No photographer identified.























Price: $395.00







Utes on Ignacio Southern Indian Agency Wilder Durango 2

Ute gathering at Ignacio, near the Southern Indian Agency, circa 1890. Photograph by Edwin A. Wilder, Durango, Colorado.















Price: $300.00






Trading with Indians Glew photo Wyman dealer 2

“Trading with the Indians,” photograph by Eugene E. Glew, circa 1900, Colorado Springs; distributed by H. W. Wyman. Note: slight crease in photographic image on left-hand side.














Price: $225.00






Mummified Indian Maiden H H Tammen Denver 2

“The Mummified Indian Maiden,” put on display in Denver by H. H. Tammen in 1884. This Indian Squaw was purportedly found in a cave on the early Ute Reservation (Los Pinos) which became Delta County, Colorado. Miners discovered this Native American woman twenty feet down, wrapped with relics in a large elk hide. It is believed decades after this display was staged this Native American was honorably buried again in southern Colorado.























Price: $1,000.00





Old San Miguel Church 2

“Old San Miguel Church,” built in 1583, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph by Christian G. Kaadt, circa 1900.















Price: $200.00





Pueblo of Isleta Lummis NM 2

“Pueblo of Isleta, A. & P. Junction,” Chas. F. Lummis, publisher, circa 1895. Boudoir-sized card. New Mexico Territory.














Price: $400.00







Ute Couple R Collier

Ute Bride and Groom; cabinet-card photograph by R. B. Collier (son of Joseph Collier), studio located at 415-1/2 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado, circa 1880.























Price: $450.00

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