LEADVILLE, COLORADO, circa 1881, WHJ #1201

Leadville Colo WHJ 1201 b

Cabinet card, W. H. Jackson.













LEADVILLE, COLORADO, circa 1881, WHJ #1202

Leadville from Carbonate Hill WHJ 1202 b

Cabinet card: Leadville, Lake County, Colorado from Carbonate Hill. William Henry Jackson cabinet card photograph, circa 1881.









Price: $350.00






Leadville Ice Palace WHJ 2

Boudoir card: W. H. Jackson, 1896.


















Jackson 1204 Leadville from Capitol Hill

Cabinet card, WH Jackson.






Price: $350.00











Fryer Hill & Mosquito Pass, WHJ #662


Jackson 662 Fryer Hill & Mosquito Pass

Cabinet card, W.H. Jackson #66




Price: $375.00













Leadville, Col., West, WHJ #634.


Jackson 634 Leadville Col west

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #634.
















Price: $395.00




Leadville, West, WHJ #629


Jackson 629 Leadville west

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #629.















Price: $375.00




Leadville from Carbonate Hill, WHJ #1202

Jackson 1202b Leadville from Capitol Hill

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #1202.












Price: $375.00




The above cabinet card image of Leadville from Carbonate Hill was numbered the same as another Jackson view of the same name; however, it is a slightly different view, so I have labeled this photograph WHJ #1202b, simply for convenience of reference.




The Robert E. Lee Mine, Leadville, WHJ #1225



Jackson 1225 Robert E Lee Mine Leadville

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #1225.












Price: $275.00




Photograph has several condition problems: a) stain in upper right-hand area; b) albumen flaw in upper left-hand area; and, c) a bend and resulting crack in the albumen in the lower left-hand area.



The Boulevard, Leadville, WHJ #1231



Jackson 1231 The Boulevard Leadville

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #1231.














Price: $250.00


Leadville, S.E. from the Central Fire Station, WHJ #988



Jackson 988 Leadville SE from the Central Fire Station

Cabinet card size: W. H. Jackson, #988; not mounted.















Price: $275.00




Please note: while this Jackson photograph has excellent tones and contrasts, it has not been mounted on a cabinet card, and therefore the reduced pricing.




Mount Massive, from Iron Hill, WHJ #1237




Jackson 1237 Mount Massive from Iron Hill Leadville

Cabinet card: W. H. Jackson, #1237.














Price: $195.00





Carson's Express Stage Leadville

Boudoir card: unidentified photographer, circa 1880.










Price: $425.00





Evergreen Lakes, Leadville, Colo., C. Morales Photo. #1096



Evergreen Lakes Morales














Price: $200.00


Image dimensions: 7-3/8 inches by 4-1/2 inches.  Mount dimensions: 12 inches by 9-1/2 inches.


HERE’S WHERE WE LIVE, by Alfred Brisbois, Leadville, Colorado



Brisbois photo Heres where we live burros Leadville

Cabinet card: Brisbois photo, Leadville, circa 1880s















Price: $75.00



TWIN LAKES, F. A. Nims, #141, 14 miles from Leadville, Colorado, circa 1885



Cunningham & Co 141 Twin Lake 14 Miles from Leadville

Cabinet card: Cunningham & Co.















Price: $150.00




Twin Lakes, near Leadville, Passengers on Des Moines boat, circa 1885




Unknown Des Moines tourist boat on Twin Lakes near Leadville

Cabinet card, circa 1885















Price: $150.00




VIEW FROM MOSQUITO PASS, G. D. Wakely Photo, circa 1878


View from Mosquito Pass Wakely

Cabinet card: G. D. Wakely photo, circa 1878















Price: $250.00



SUNSET ON TWIN LAKES, Mellen photograph, 1888



Mellen Sunset on Twin Lakes near Leadville

Boudoir card: George Mellen photograph, circa 1888


























Price: $175.00






LEADVILLE, COLORADO Photograph album pages, on thick gray card, circa 1899.

Set of photograph album pages.  Dimensions of each page: 10-3/4 inches by 7 inches.  Front and back of each page have mounted photographs.

Leadville Photo Album Page 1A


Malta School Colorado Leadville album 1

Album page: Malta School, near Leadville, Colorado



























Front of Leadville album Page 1A: Malta Schoolhouse, Malta, near Leadville, Colorado





Page 1B


Leadville residences Colorado Leadville album 1

Album page


























Back of Leadville album page 1: a group of Leadville residences; Messrs Baldwin & Muzzy at Sunday afternoon devotion



Leadville Album Page 2A


Harrison Ave Stringtown Colorado Leadville album 2

Leadville album Page 2A
























Album Page 2A: Harrison Avenue, Leadville principal business street; Another view of Leadville, Stringtown to the right and Bimetallic Smelter to the left, in foreground.



Page 2B

Train rotary & 9th St snow tunnel Colorado Leadville album 2

Album Page 2B



Top photo: Front View of rotary, Denver & Rio Grande Railway.  Bottom photo: Tunnel dug on sidewalk on Ninth Street, Leadville.




Photo Album Page 3A


Colorado Leadville album 3a

Album Page 3A

























Album Page 3A: Top, One of the incidents of snow shoeing; 3B, A Hockey Game, Palace Rink, Leadville, February 1899.




Colorado Leadville album 3b

Album Page 3B


























Album Page 3B: Top, Arkansas Valley Railroad track snow cut; Bottom, Looking along Arkansas Valley tracks at switch joining Denver & Rio Grande.




Album Page 4a


Colorado Leadville album 4a

Album Page 4a

























Album Page 4A: Top, Denver & Rio Grande rotary part way through slide; Bottom, Victory!



Album Page 4b


Colorado Leadville album 4b

Album Page 4b


























Album Page 4b: Top, D&RG traveling tracks already cleared; Bottom, All hands taking a much deserved breathing spell.





Album Page 5

Colorado Leadville album 5a

Album Page 5a


























Album Page 5a: Top, Several engines mired in snow at Hagerman, on the Colorado Midland; Bottom, Stringtown from road opposite Arkansas Valley Smelter.




Album Page 5B


Colorado Leadville album 5b

Album Page 5b


























Album Page 5b: train rotary clearing snow, 1899.


Price for group of 5 album pages, Leadville, 1899 (total of 18 albumen images):  $650.00

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