DENVER GUNSHOP, circa 1873



FREUND & BROTHER: Patentees of Improvements on Breech-Loading Rifles, Manufacturers, Importers, and Dealers in Guns, Pistols, Ammunition, Gun Materials; Cutlery, Fishing Tackle and Sportsmen’s Articles of all kinds.

Blake Street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, Denver, Colorado.


Freund Gun Shop exterior Denver stereo b

Stereo view: unidentified photographer, circa 1874















Exhibited above is the Freund gun shop located at 31 Blake Street, central Denver in 1873.  A rifle, 17 feet in length and weighing somewhere near 200 pounds, was a successful attention-getting device employed by the Freunds.  It was secured to the second story brick of the corner building.  Frank W. and George Freund stand near the stairs.


Freund Gun Shop Denver stereo label

Freund emblem tipped onto back of stereo view mount.















Now, step inside the Freund gun shop as so many others have … Jim Baker, Charles Adams, James Thompson, Charles Stobie, Doc Shores, Buffalo Bill, perhaps even Otto Mears ….



Freund Gun Shop interior 2 Denver stereo b

Stereo view: interior of the Freund gun shop on Blake Street, Denver.














Name the rifle, the Freunds stocked it: Maynard, Sharps, Springfield, Remington, Whitney, and many, many others …



Freund Gun Shop interior 3 Denver stereo b

Stereo view, unidentified photographer. Note sign on gun rack: “Hands Off!”



Freund Gun Shop interior 1 Denver stereo b

Stereo view: pistols and Colt revolvers in display case; F. W. Freund was awarded a silver medal at the 8th Colorado Territorial Fair.















The Freund gun shop was also awarded first premium at the Colorado Industrial Exposition, Silver Medal for best Colorado made Gun, 1873.




Freund Gun Shop Denver stereo label 1873













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